Price Hike: Coupons for B40 group to buy essentials goods

Photo from 123rf
Photo from 123rf
People are sighing a breath of relief following the government’s Malaysian Family Sales Programme to address rising prices of goods.

Over 50 types of daily essentials including agricultural products and seafood will be offered at 15 to 20 per cent less.

Traders are blaming the price hikes on the middlemen and bad weather but some are claiming it due to something bigger.

Rumour has it that the increase in food prices were constructed by some important figures in a bid to acquire Approved Permits (AP) import certain items into the local market.

If this was true, that some groups were willing to take the dirty route to gain profits, those with evidence should come forward and report it to the authorities as it is a crime.

Back to the government’s sales programme, the people has expressed hope it will further expand in the future.

Among the suggestions were special essentials coupons for the B40 groups as it was easier and more targeted for those in need.

The coupons method is also easier for the people to manage and purchase necessitites in any store at a cheaper and reasonable price.

The distribution of coupons can be implemented until the prices are back to normal.
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The government can use the data from “Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia” to ensure those in need obtain the benefits of this coupon initiative.

We hope that the current government will always focus on the needs of the people and show that they are the government that the people need at times of hardships.