KUALA LUMPUR – Muslims are advised to be with political parties which based their struggles on Quran and Sunnah.

International preacher, Dr. Zakir Naik said, if there are two Islamic political parties that cooperate with political party led by non-Muslims leaders, Muslims are advised to choose the one that is less harmful.

"If two Islamic parties are cooperating with non-Muslims, choose the less harmful," he said when answering a question from one of the participants in the Ijtimak programme of 150 Malaysian Islamic scholars with Dr Zakir Naik-Tackling Islamophobia, yesterday.

Commenting on Islamophobia, he did not deny that international media played a role in creating such condition worldwide.

"Undoubtedly, international media is the most powerful medium in the world.

"With these advantages, they are trying to create a bad impression of Islam where Islam is often mistaken as a trigger to terrorism and extremists to other religions around the world," he said.

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