KUANTAN - Pahang Pas will contest in Paya Besar Parliamentary seat and Dun Lepar seat in the upcoming GE14.

Pahang Pas Commissioner, Rosli Abdul Jabbar said, they have chosen suitable candidates with credibility to contest in both seats.

According to him, Pas wish to contest in all Dun seats under the Paya Besar constituency.

“Pas decision to contest was made after taking into consideration all plans that have been arranged and the party’s machinery has started doing their job.

“When Pas was in Pakatan Rakyat, we gave way to PKR to put their candidate there but this time we will contest there ourselves.

“I was once a candidate in Dun Lepar during the 10th GE but I lost with a total of 3,387 votes.This time, we are back with stronger fighting spirit,” he said after Pas Pahang Munajat Programme at Padang Taman Mahkota Aman, here.

He added, Pas needs to be persistent and continue its fight as victory is near.

“Pas voters don’t need to worry, Pas will contest and will be around everywhere. Luckily Pahang only have 43 seats if there is 62 seats, Pas will certainly produce candidates for all the seats.

“We are not afraid of losing, since 1951 we have never lost that is why we are still around now.

“Pahang Pas believes in obtaining victory not only with ALLAH SWT’s help but also the support and cooperation from all.Insya-ALLAH Pas will win,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pahang Pas Deputy Commissioner who is also Beserah Assemblyman, Andansura Rabu said, aside from asking from ALLAH SWT, a well-planned work flow has been set and the machinery is set to go.

“Our machinery will continue to meet voters and the local community until the day of general election.

"Previously we have offered two out of 12 manifestos on housing lots and land lots to be develop by the people of Pahang, it suits all levels and races.

"In the near future, Pahang Pas will announce a new manifesto in equipping all the manifestos for the next GE," he said.



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