AMPANG – Amanah is determined not to repeat the failures of Islamic political parties in facing the reality and challenges in Malaysia.

According to Selangor Amanah Chairman, Izham Hashim,the determination serves as a catalyst for his party to continue reforming the country.

“We wish to prove that previous failures have nothing to do with Islam.

"We are of the opinion that the comprehensive and progressive values in Islam can be a strong foundation for bringing the party to an excellent level," he said when met at the Selangor Amanah Convention here today.

Izham added, Amanah will continue to grow with guidance from experienced leaders within the party.

"We believe with an inclusive and progressive approach, we are able to drive the party towards the right track.

"We will make reforms on initiatives, strategies and the party’s course, proving that previous failures have nothing to do with religion,” he said.

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